Real-time reply notification

Introducing Real-Time Reply Notifications

Ever been working on a reply for a ticket only to hit send and then find out that whilst you were writing your response to the customer, they (or another agent) had added a further reply?

It can be frustrating can’t it? Especially if you’re asking a question that was answered in the time you took to write your reply.

Well, thanks to the release of KB Support version 1.2.8, this is no longer a concern for you, or your team of agents.

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Email Support Content Trimming

Content Trimming with Email Support

Don’t you find it annoying when the reply you’ve just received from a customer is added to the ticket but it also includes all previous emails that have been exchanged? Or that content their email client has added is also included?

Well with Email Support and its intelligent content trimming engine, you can choose to have it remove such needless information and just capture the content that was intended for you.

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KB Writing Tips

Writing Effective Knowledge Base Articles

All too frequently, companies do not spend enough time thinking about what the aim of each knowledge base article is

A knowledge base article should serve to allow customers to help themselves when they have a question or do not understand how to achieve their goals with your product(s).

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KBS Version 1.0

KB Support 1.0 released

We’re thrilled to announce the release of KB Support 1.0.

As well as officially closing the beta testing of KB Support, version 1.0 introduces support for some key help desk functionality such as the ability to set and track service level targets for tickets, and the ability to create companies and assign customers to them.

Let’s take a more detailed look at these features, as well as the other changes introduced with version 1.0.

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KB Support Released

KB Support is Officially Released!

After months of preparation of the core plugin and extensions, I am extremely pleased to announce that KB Support for WordPress is now officially released 🙂

KB Support is a Support / Help Desk tool written entirely for WordPress and includes a built-in Knowledge Base which not only encourages your support agents to document features and frequently asked questions but also presents these solutions to your customers when they are submitting a ticket.
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