Email Support Content Trimming

Don’t you find it annoying when the reply you’ve just received from a customer is added to the ticket but it also includes all previous emails that have been exchanged? Or that content their email client has added is also included?

Well with Email Support and its intelligent content trimming engine, you can choose to have it remove such needless information and just capture the content that was intended for you.

Let’s take a look

Your agent has just replied to a customers ticket. The customer receives a nicely formatted email with the information your agent provided and hits reply.

Great! The customer reply has been automatically added to their ticket for an agent to review, but wait, it includes the original email the client received, as well as some additional information their email client chose to insert.

The reply is long and unnecessarily takes over too much of the screen. Take a look for yourself, everything within the two images below that is captured within the red outline, is just not needed. As you can see within the email the customer received (second image), I couldn’t event capture the content on a single screen!

Untrimmed Email

And now with content trimming enabled

To enable content trimming within KBS Email Support, head to Tickets -> Settings -> Email Piping.

First, check the box to Trim Previous Content. This will result in Email Support attempting to remove any content that an email client may automatically add to a reply email such as;

On 19 Feb 2018, at 22:48, Customer <[email protected]> wrote:

Now, within the Reply Above Text input field, enter a string that you want to display at the very top of outgoing emails from KBS. Anything entered here will be encapsulated within four (4) hash symbols.

In the example below, the string will be output at the top of emails as;

##Please insert your reply above this text##

Content Trimming Options

This text is also key to the content trimming engine. Email Support will search for this specific string within all incoming emails, and it found, will only return the content that precedes it.

Save the settings once done and content trimming is enabled. The result? Just look for yourself within the images below. For a true example, we replied with the same text to the exact same message as we did above without content trimming enabled.

Note that whilst we are trying to trim the content from all emails, each email client treats emails very differently and so with some clients, or webmail instances, we may be unable to trim the content as intended. We’re always adding new rules to our engine to address this. If you use a specific mail client and find the content is not being trimmed as expected, send us a copy of the message together with the name of the client via our support page and we’ll take a look for you and address as soon as possible.

Click here for more information on the KB Support Email Support extension.

Published by Cristian Raiber