Advanced Ticket Assignment

Advanced Ticket Assignment

The KB Support Advanced Ticket Assignment extension enhances the way in which tickets can be assigned to agents. It allows for automated ticket assignment based on a number of rules that can be defined to provide an efficient support workflow, and a better experience for customers.

By default, KB Support has some basic automatic assignment options. Tickets can be auto assigned to random agents, or they can be assigned to the agent with the least number of active tickets.

With this extension enabled, tickets can also be automatically assigned to an individual agent, a department, or to an agent within a department based on various, easy to define rules.

The assignment rules can be defined at the following levels;

  • Customer
  • Company
  • Category
  • Email Server Connection (requires the Email Support extension)
  • Easy Digital Download Product (requires the Easy Digital Downloads extension)
  • WooCommerce Product (requires the WooCommerce extension)
  • Submission form

For each of these levels, it is possible to define that a ticket is assigned to an individual agent, a department of agents, or to an agent within a department (random or least tickets).

Furthermore, you can choose to exclude Support Managers from being auto assigned tickets.

Management of tickets becomes much more streamlined. You can ensure that tickets are immediately assigned to agents that are specialised in the topic needing support whilst also ensuring that agents only see the tickets they need to be focused on.


The Advanced Ticket Assignment extension has the following requirements:

  • KB Support version 1.3 or above
  • KB Support Email Support Extension 1.4 or above if using connection based assignments
  • PHP version 5.6 or above
$59.00 – $124.00
Excluding 0% tax
  • Assign tickets on a per customer, company, product, category or form basis
  • Assign to an individual agent, an entire department, or an agent within a specific department
  • Exclude Support Managers from having tickets auto assigned