Canned Replies

Canned Replies

The Canned Replies extension for KB Support saves you valuable time by enabling instant content to be added to ticket replies with the single click of a button.

Does your business spend too much time entering the same information into tickets time and time again?

Do you find that you’re continuously asking your customers to provide more information regarding their support ticket?

Are you repeatedly advising customers how to complete a simple task?

Do you just need to ensure that your support workers are providing the same level of detail to specific ticket types?

If the answer to any of the above is “Yes”

Canned Replies is for you!

Create a series of replies that can be accessed directly from the ticket reply screen. Your agents can click the relevant canned reply and have it instantly inserted into the ticket. You can even use any of the Template Tags available within KB Support to insert dynamic information that is relevant to the ticket.


$22.00 – $47.00
Excluding 0% tax
  • Reduce ticket handling time
  • 1-click reply insertion
  • Group replies by category
  • Auto transition a ticket status with a canned reply
  • Limit selected replies to support admins only