Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

The Easy Digital Downloads extension for KB Support integrates your EDD store with KB Support to provide a complete sales and support solution for you and your customers.

If you are selling products or services via your website, chances are you need to provide support for them. That can be tedious if you have to manually search for information regarding customers and their orders.

With the Easy Digital Downloads extension, we take all that burden away and ensure the process is smooth and simple by providing your agents with information about the customer and their purchases on the ticket screen.

We’ve also integrated the front end process too so that customers can reference their purchases during the submission of a ticket, or request support from their download history page.

This extension also enables you to introduce restrictions associated with your EDD store within KB Support also. For example, you can specify that only a customer who has purchased an EDD product from you is allowed to submit a ticket. Or, perhaps you want to restrict access to certain KB Articles to customers who have purchased through your store, or have a specific product in their purchase history.

The Easy Digital Downloads extension for KB Support enables this functionality.

The key features and highlights of the Easy Digital Downloads extension include:

  • All EDD products synchronised with KB Support
  • License key validation during ticket submission
  • Pre-populated ticket form when a customer requests support from their Download History page
  • Customer purchase information displayed on agent ticket screen
  • Restrict ticket submissions to EDD customers only
  • Restrict access to KB Articles to all EDD customers, or to those that have purchased a specific product


$49.00 – $103.00
Excluding 0% tax
  • Synchronise EDD Products
  • Validate Downloads & Licenses
  • Full Support for EDD Software Licensing
  • Enhanced Restrictions for Tickets and KB Articles
  • Review Purchases within Ticket
  • Integrates Perfectly with KBS Advanced Ticket Assignment