Email Support

Having to access your website to log or update a ticket is a long-winded and time-consuming process. With our Email Support extension, agents and customers can respond immediately to tickets simply by sending or replying to an email.

Customers can even open new tickets via email if you choose to allow it.

Customers and agents receive notifications when events take place with regards to their tickets. With the Email Support extension installed, it is possible for both to simply respond to those emails.

Mailbox Monitoring

Email Support will monitor as many mailboxes as you configure and process all messages it sees within them. If it is able to match a ticket number within the subject of the email, it will treat the email as a reply. If a ticket number is not identified, a new ticket can be opened if your configured settings allow it.

Choose whether or not new tickets can be opened via email, and also whether or not to only allow new tickets to be opened from emails that are sent from an address which is already associated with one of your customers.

Content Trimming

When processing received emails, Email Support will intelligently attempt to trim content that is not relevant to the ticket. For example, if the received email is part of a larger email conversation, Email Support will process only the latest reply within the email chain.

Management of Unassigned Emails

Emails that cannot be automatically processed, will be placed into the Unassigned Emails list. The sender of the email can be notified that their email was not processed.

Upon accessing the Unassigned Emails list, you can review each email and choose to attach them to a ticket, or delete them. The reason the email could not be be processed is also displayed.


For agents and administrators, Email Support can also automate processes with the inclusion of certain commands within email content. For example, @@me will assign the specified ticket to the sender of the email, and @@status hold will place the ticket into the On Hold status. Before these commands are executed, Email Support will verify that the sender of the email is allowed to perform such an action on the specified ticket. If they are not, the email gets placed into the Unassigned Emails list and specifies that the agent does not have the required privilege.


Email Support also supports email attachments and will process them in the same way as attaching files to a ticket or reply. Configured settings, such as allowed file types, will again be honoured.

Email Provider Compatibility

We are yet to come across an email provider that Email Support is not compatible with. Some providers do require additional configuration steps in order to ensure that Email Support can connect and download emails successfully. Please review our documentation for further information.


$59.00 – $124.00
Excluding 0% tax
  • Create tickets via email
  • Process customer & agent replies via email
  • Email commands to automate ticket processes
  • Attachment support
  • Supports multiple mailboxes