Knowledge Base Integrations

Knowledge Base Integrations

Integrate your existing knowledge base solution into KB Support and maintain all the functionality you would have if using the built-in knowledge base.

You’ve spent weeks, months, or even years building your knowledge base. You’re happy with its features, and it works well for your company, customers, and products. Migrating all of those articles into a new solution will be a long and daunting task that you do not have time for.

KBS Knowledge Base Integrations is the perfect solution!

This extension integrates your existing knowledge base solution into KB Support while preserving all the functionality of KBS, and all the articles within your KB solution.

Supported Knowledge Base Solutions

The Knowledge Base Integrations extension currently supports the following 3rd party knowledge base solutions;

We’re adding support for more knowledge-base solutions regularly.┬áIf your preferred knowledge base solution is not currently listed, get in touch, and we’ll aim to add it for you.


The KB Support knowledge base supports restricting content and view counting. These features will also be available with your 3rd party knowledge base – even if the features did not previously exist.

Your knowledge base will be queried when a customer creates a new ticket, and any articles deemed relevant based on the data a customer enters will be presented as potential solutions.

$29.00 – $61.00
Excluding 0% tax