Shorter URL's

Shorter URL’s

Some template tags within KB Support output URL’s which, when displayed within the email content, look rather unsightly and can cause the alignment of your text to go astray. KBS Shorter URL’s resolves this problem by changing URL’s to shorter versions seamlessly.

How Shorter URL’s Works

Let’s say for instance you’re including the {ticket_url} template tag within the content of your ticket notification email, and your website address is

When your customer receives the email, the {ticket_url} template tag will be replaced with a URL string similar to

Not very nice right? And notice how the text now spans a second line because it was so long?

Now, with KBS Shorter URL’s installed and activated, the {ticket_url} template tag would produce something similar to A much cleaner output and friendlier URL.

Short URL Providers

Once you have installed the Shorter URL’s extension, you can choose whether to create shorter URL’s via Google’s URL shortener ( or via Tinyurl.

Which Template Tags Does Shorter URL’s Work With?

KBS Shorter URL’s currently replaces the URL’s for the following template tags if you choose to do so:

  • {ticket_url}
  • {admin_ticket_url}
  • {close_ticket_url}

Additionally, you can choose to replace the URL’s or articles that you reference from the ticket admin screen when using the Link KB Article button.

Optimal Performance

Whilst the KBS Shorter URL’s extension needs to utilise API’s from external websites to generate the short URL’s, we store these with each ticket and KB article so that the lookup and URL generation only needs to occur once. After that, we read the short URL directly from the metadata of the ticket or article.

What if I change my URL of my site or an article, or I change the Tickets page?

We’ve got you covered. The short URL’s will need to be re-created, and KBS Shorter URL’s automatically do this for you in the background.


The Shorter URL’s extension has the following requirements:

  • KB Support version 1.1.12 or above
  • PHP version 5.4 or above
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