Easy Digital Downloads

The Easy Digital Downloads extension for KB Support was one of the very first extensions we released just over a year ago now. So with an update due, and now delivered, let’s take a look at what has changed in version 1.1.

Assign EDD Customers to Tickets

Adding a ticket from within admin for your EDD customers previously required you to first manually create the customer within KB Support. Now, you can select an EDD customer directly from the ticket screen streamlining the process considerably.

Easy Digital Downloads Metabox

The Easy Digital Downloads metabox which is displayed within the admin tickets page displays information regarding the customers recent purchases, together with information relating to the license key they entered during ticket submission (for EDD Software Licensing users).

However, the information was limited and with version 1.1, we’ve made some improvements:

  • Tickets can be associated with an EDD purchase number, of a software license key (for EDD Software Licensing users). When either of these is associated, detailed information relating to the purchase and license are displayed
  • Tickets can be associated with orders and licenses via the front end submission form fields, or manually via the admin screen
  • A customer overview provides valuable information such as the total number of purchases made by the customer, their total purchase value and the date of their last order from your store
  • Recent payments are listed together with their value and links through to the payments detail page
  • A list of downloads purchased by the customer is displayed

Submission Forms

We’ve added the¬†EDD Purchases field type. When added to your form, users submitting a ticket will be able to select from a dropdown list of previous purchases if they are logged in, or manually enter their payment ID into a text field if they are not. That ID can be validated during submission and if it is valid, it will be associated with the ticket received.

For the EDD License¬†field type, we’ve improved the validation message so that if the customer enters a license that has expired, they are provided with the renewal link


Within WordPress admin we’ve added links to create tickets on behalf of customers within the EDD Customers recent payments table, and within the license details page (for EDD Software Licensing users).

Additionally, on the Downloads screen, the total count of tickets logged against each Download is displayed.

Click here for more information on the Easy Digital Downloads extension for KB Support

Published by Cristian Raiber