KB Support includes a vast number of advanced features from the moment you download and install the plugin.

Additional features and functionality can be unlocked by purchasing one of our extensions.

Unlimited TicketsNo restrictions on the number of tickets
Unlimited AgentsNo restrictions on the number of agents
Guest SubmissionsCustomers do not need an account to log a ticket or view/manage their tickets (optional).
A WordPress user account will never be created for a guest user unless they later decide to register using the same email address, or you as an admin create an account and link their customer account.
Ticket ParticipantsAnyone can be added as a participant to a ticket, existing customer or not. In being added, participants can contribute towards tickets and also receive email updates when a ticket is updated
Configurable Submission FormsNo coding required. Our easy to use submission forms interface enables you to add, edit and delete fields quickly and easily.
Create as many forms as you need and easily insert them into your webpage using the [kbs_submit] shortcode.
Real-Time Reply NotificationsShould a reply be added to a ticket whilst being edited by an agent, they will be notified and given the opportunity to reload the latest replies without refreshing the page
Target SLA’sDefine target Service Levels for response and resolution times
Integrated Knowledge BaseNot just a support system, but also a documentation repository for your Knowledge Base
Solution Suggestions During SubmissionsAs a customer logs a ticket, automatically searches for, and offers, solutions
Create Restricted ArticlesSo that users must be logged on to view. Set per article
Customer Management InterfaceFull management of customer profiles
Auto Ticket AssignmentOption to auto assign tickets to agents randomly, or to the agent with the least number of active tickets
Fully Customisable EmailsChoose to send customer emails as tickets are updated and use email tags to include data regarding their ticket
Responsive Customer PagesDesigned to fit in seamlessly with your WordPress theme
TemplatedEasily customise KB Support generated pages, shortcodes and content
Private NotesSupport workers can share information via private notes
Restrict Agent AccessSelect whether agents can see all tickets, or only those that are unassigned, or assigned to them
Restrict Admin AccessChoose whether or not site administrators are agents, and therefore whether or not they can access tickets