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Sometimes a ticket needs input from multiple people in order to provide the assistance being requested, and with the Ticket Participants feature within KB Support, we provide the perfect solution.

Say your business is like ours and you provide software to website owners. Just because your customer owns a website, it doesn’t mean they can talk confidently about technical matters. They may have a web developer to do that stuff for them.

Your customer opens a ticket asking for help. Your support agent replies suggesting a technical solution, or asking for technical information. The customer doesn’t know the answer. They reach out to their developer. The developer replies, the customer updates the ticket. Your support agent provides another reply and again, the customer is not confident enough to answer or implement. They defer to their developer again and so on. You get the picture. The amount of extra time and effort that is going into providing a solution to the ticket is not productive and your customer, who is now acting as the man in the middle for this ticket, is becoming growingly frustrated.

Introducing the KB Support Participant Feature

Since version 1.2.4 of KB Support, it is possible to add an unlimited number of participants to a ticket. Furthermore, participants do not need to be a KBS customer, all you need is their email address.

The customer who opened the ticket remains the ticket owner, but participants can also access the ticket, read existing replies, and author new replies on behalf of the customer. They’ll also be copied into emails generated any time the ticket is updated.

In our scenario above, the customer can now take a back seat during any technical discussions between their developer and your support agent and concentrate on running their business. There is less reason for them to become frustrated and they are assured that the right individuals are involved in the ticket to ensure the quickest possible resolution. They are also kept fully up to date with regards to progress via the email notifications anytime their ticket is updated.

Read our Ticket Participants article to learn more about this feature.

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