KBS Version 1.0

We’re thrilled to announce the release of KB Support 1.0.

As well as officially closing the beta testing of KB Support, version 1.0 introduces support for some key help desk functionality such as the ability to set and track service level targets for tickets, and the ability to create companies and assign customers to them.

Let’s take a more detailed look at these features, as well as the other changes introduced with version 1.0.

Service Levels (SLA’s)

Defining service levels enables you to track the performance of your support organisation and its agents. It also allows you to provide your customers with an expectation of when their tickets will be addressed and potentially resolved.

In addition, it enables you to quickly identify any tickets that are perhaps taking longer than you would like to be resolved.

With KB Support version 1.0, you can define your target response time for new tickets, as well as your target resolution time for tickets. Visual indicators then allow you and your agents to quickly identify any tickets that have (or are close to) exceeded these targets.

Furthermore, you now have the option to define the working hours of your support organisation. KB Support will take these hours into consideration when setting the service level targets for your new tickets. For example, if your business hours are 09:00-12:00 daily, your target response time is 4 hours, any tickets logged at 09:00 will have a target response time set to 10:00 for the following day.

SLA Settings

KB Support Ticket Summary Dashboard Widget

We’ve added the KB Support Ticket Summary dashboard widget to enable you to quickly see how many tickets your support organisation has been working throughout the current month, current day and previous month.

The widget also displays the total number of currently open tickets, as well as the number of agents currently logged in and available to manage tickets.

KB Support Ticket Summary

Company Support

It’s common for companies that need support to require multiple users be able to log a ticket and with KB Support version 1.0 we’ve enabled the ability to create companies and assign multiple customers to that company. It is therefore very easy to see every ticket logged on behalf of that company.

We’ve also introduced a number of new email tags so that company specific data can easily be added into email content for emails generated by KB Support…

  • {company} – The name of the company
  • {company_contact} – The contact name of the company
  • {company_email} – The email address of the company
  • {company_phone} – The phone number of the company
  • {company_website} – The website URL of the company
  • {company_logo} – Inserts the logo of the company

Other Tweaks and Bug Fixes


  • Remove all SLA related meta keys from DB as SLA’s were not tracked until this version
  • Log the current KBS version number at the time each ticket was logged
  • Ensure that the last modified date is updated for a ticket when a reply or note is added
  • Add log entries when notes are added to tickets
  • When a ticket is deleted, make sure to delete all associated replies and log entries from the posts and postmeta database tables
  • Added ticket and article count to the At a Glance dashboard widget

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected descriptions for email headers in settings
  • Make sure $current_meta array exists to avoid potential PHP notices
  • kbs_agent_ticket_count() was not always returning the correct totals

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