KBS Release 1.1

Almost 7 months since the release of version 1.0, version 1.1 has arrived! This version of KB Support adds further enhancements to an already feature-rich support tool.

The enhancements included within this new version include;

Sequential Ticket Numbers

WordPress assigns a unique ID to every new post, page etc. created. KB Support uses these ID’s as the identifier for all tickets. The problem with WordPress ID’s is that they do not run in sequence. For example, you create a post and it is assigned an ID of 100. A short while later you create your next post, but it is assigned an ID of 103.

Switch on sequential ticket numbers within settings

Sequential ticket numbers provides a solution for this, and once you enable the setting, all of your tickets will run in sequential order without any gaps in the ID’s.

See this article for information regarding enabling sequential tickets.

Assign Multiple Agents to Tickets

Many support tickets require collaboration from multiple support agents, others may require that an agent in a supervisory role, monitors the progress. With version 1.1, you can now assign multiple agents to a single ticket.

Each assigned additional agent will be able to update the ticket in the same way as the primary agent can by viewing and updating the ticket, adding replies, and receiving email notifications when events related to the ticket take place.

Additional Agents

Assign additional agents via the Assignment meta box on the ticket screen

Agent Assignment Notifications

It has always been possible to notify an agent when a ticket is created and auto assigned to them, or when a customer adds a reply to a ticket that they are assigned to. The missing piece was notifications as and when a ticket is reassigned to an agent.

You can now configure and fully customise agent notifications to ensure that any time a support worker is assigned to a ticket as either the primary agent, or an additional agent, they receive an email notification.

Agent Notifications

Enable agent notifications from within Settings -> Emails

These improvements, along with other minor improvements and bug fixes, help to make KB Support better than ever before. The complete changelog for 1.1 can be viewed here.

The update for version 1.1 is available today and can be installed directly from your WordPress admin’s Plugins page.

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