KB Support Released

After months of preparation of the core plugin and extensions, I am extremely pleased to announce that KB Support for WordPress is now officially released ūüôā

KB Support is a Support / Help Desk tool written entirely for WordPress and includes a built-in Knowledge Base which not only encourages your support agents to document features and frequently asked questions but also presents these solutions to your customers when they are submitting a ticket.

Key Features

The following features are all included in the core plugin for free and without restriction. For a more detailed overview you can view features here.

  • Unlimited agents
  • Permissions to restrict an agents view of tickets not assigned to them
  • Guest ticket submissions. Guests can still manage their ticket after submission without an account on your website
  • Easy to manage submission forms
  • Front end ticket management for customers to reply to tickets and view their historic tickets
  • Fully responsive front end interface for customers
  • Handy¬†shortcodes¬†so you can easily insert¬†submission forms,¬†login¬†and¬†registration¬†forms, ticket history,¬†Knowledge Base search,¬†Knowledge Base Articles, and more into your pages
  • Ability for agents to write private notes that only other agents can see
  • Auto assignment of tickets either randomly or to agent with the least active tickets
  • Restrict individual Knowledge Base articles so that users must be¬†logged in¬†to view
  • Ability to show whether an agent is currently actively logged on
  • Interface to manage customers and review the historic activity
  • Full customisation of emails so that customers and agents alike know when tickets are logged or updated
  • A variety of email tags that enable you to insert information regarding tickets and customers into email content


If you need more functionality than the core plugin provides, we also have a number of premium¬†extensions¬†available that further enhance KB Support’s functionality…

Easy Digital Downloads

Our Easy Digital Downloads extension enables you to effectively support customers and products from your EDD store within KB Support.

  • Review customer information within the ticket screen – active licenses, products purchased etc.
  • Add additional fields to the ticket submission form such as a Downloads drop down, license key field, etc.
  • Validate a customer has an active license for the product they are requesting support for, before allowing them to submit a ticket

More Details


MailChimp Integration

Our MailChimp extension enables you to insert a signup field into your ticket submission and reply forms. Furthermore, full support is included for the Paid Support extension and a signup field can also be added to the payment form.

More Details

Paid Support

With the Paid Support extension, you can turn your support organisation into a profit centre.

You have the ability to charge customers for…

  • Logging tickets
  • Accessing the resolution to a ticket
  • Accessing premium Knowledge Base articles

Customers can add funds to their account and subsequently use these funds when performing the above tasks.

The Paid Support extension comes with the PayPal Standard gateway included so you can start taking payments immediately from your website. Further gateways will be available in the plugin store very soon.

Coming Soon


Our Reporting extension enables you to see exactly how your support organisation is performing.

  • How long are agents taking to initially respond to new tickets?
  • How long is it taking to resolve tickets?
  • Which agents are the most productive when it comes to resolving tickets?
  • Which products are the majority of tickets regarding?
  • Which customers are logging the most tickets?
  • and more

Coming Soon

There are many more extensions on the way.¬†Sign up to our newsletter¬†to be amongst the first to know when they’re released.


KB Support is a fully supported product. If you experience any problems or need assistance, please¬†log a ticket¬†and we’ll be happy to help.

Get Involved

Community made patches, localisations, bug reports and contributions are always welcome and are crucial to ensure KB Support remains a leading solution for providing a Helpdesk system on WordPress.

If you are interested in getting involved with our project in any way, including writing paid extensions, please review our contribution guidelines.

Visit our GitHub Repository for further information, submit an issue, or suggest an enhancement.

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