Ratings and Satisfaction

The Ratings and Satisfaction extension for KB Support allows customers and visitors to easily provide you with valuable feedback on your support services and documentation.

As a support company, it is important to know that the support you are providing your customers meets the high standards that everyone expects, and that the time and effort you and your team put into creating documentation for your services and products is useful.

With Ratings and Satisfaction, your customers can now provide valuable feedback to help you make any required improvements and to ensure that you are operating your support business efficiently and optimally.

Ticket Ratings

Once a support ticket has been closed, customers have the option to provide a rating for the service they received, and also to provide feedback via a free text field.

Customers can rate the ticket via the main ticket screen, or via a link provided to them using the {rate_ticket_url} template tag which is added by Ratings and Satisfaction and can be used within the ticket closure email notification to them.

Alternatively, Ratings & Satisfaction can be configured to send a follow-up email asking your customers to rate your service at a specified interval after a ticket has been closed. These rating request emails can be sent for all tickets, or randomly. Or turned off altogether.

The rating for the ticket is displayed on the admin ticket screen together with the average rating across all support tickets that have been closed and rated.

Each rating can be viewed individually by agents with the Support Manager role allowing them to pass feedback as necessary to the agent. Furthermore, you can configure a threshold and any ticket rating received below that threshold can generate an alert email enabling the situation to be reviewed immediately.

Article Ratings

Wouldn’t it be great to know that the time and hard work you put into creating your documentation was worthwhile?

The Ratings and Satisfaction extension adds the option for your website visitors to rate each article that they read. The combination of all ratings is used to provide an average rating for the article which can be viewed on both the article list screen and within the article page itself within WordPress admin.

Before displaying the rating form, Ratings and Satisfaction will determine if the visitor has previously rated the article by checking against their user account (if logged in) and their IP address. The rating form is only displayed to visitors who have not previously provided a rating for the article.


Ratings and Satisfaction is highly customisable to meet each company’s requirements.

The settings screen allows you to customise the headings, labels, titles and submission text for both article and ticket ratings and there are a bunch of hooks and filters that enable even more customisation for more advanced users.

More details on customising the Ratings and Satisfaction extension can be found within the Configuring Ratings and Satisfaction article.


$30.00 – $63.00
Excluding 0% tax
  • Ratings for tickets
  • Ratings for KB Articles
  • Review average ratings
  • Request ratings via email randomly, or for all tickets
  • Alerts for ratings below threshold